case studies

atcDreamliner Lighting

When the original 787 lighting design failed, the large Tier 1 that designed it was in a real bind. They needed to provide Boeing a completely new design and prototypes for testing as soon as possible.

The contractor turned to Orluck Ind. to help them with manufacturability engineering and for support on the immediate turnaround. The system was comprised of eight highly complex machined components that all required 5-axis simultaneous milling. Orluck Ind. worked with the customer through a total redesign of the parts, then worked around the clock, added new equipment, diverted resources and changed processes to meet the shortened timeline. It turned a 20-week build into six weeks while delivering the quality product necessary to satisfy Boeing.

As a result of this support, the customer delivered a new product on time and kept the release of the 787 Dreamliner moving forward. Orluck Industries is now producing these eight complex components at production volumes on a multi-year contract.


Locomotive Engine Components

The components for a 4,000 horsepower internal engine are critical, to say the least. So when a new customer came to Orluck Industries with 16 components with exacting tolerances (.0002) and surface finishes (6ra), it took on new capabilities and new machines to support the specialized demands.

As a manufacturing partner, Orluck Ind. added multiple machine tools (lathes) and inspection equipment (CMMs) to respond to the needs of this very precise production program. It also expanded its capacity and capabilities to support the large production volumes, and ultimately met all requirements under budget and on time.

Because of its commitment to accuracy, craftsmanship and end-to-end support, Orluck Ind. was awarded a large production contract to support the turbo charger assemblies. The customer is rewarded with a pricing structure that increases its competitiveness in the large diesel engine market.